Seaford extra turned actress lands lead role in US horror movie

Melissa Hollett as Major Adler in Dead Walkers
Melissa Hollett as Major Adler in Dead Walkers

An actress from Seaford who started out her career as an extra has landed a lead role in new American horror movie Dead Walkers.

Melissa Hollett, 39, has just finished filming for the project and says her husband Kieron and children are thrilled to bits with her success.

Acting had always been something she dreamt of doing as a child, so she started extras work after her children were born.

Melissa has been working as an actress for three years now and after her last big film ‘Exorcist Chronicles,’ Philip Gardiner, the director, asked her back for more. But this time she landed a big leading role.

The film, Dead Walkers: Rise Of The 4th Reich will be released early in 2014 worldwide and is just the first step for Melissa.

Following her appearance in the film, Awesome Talent Agency snapped her up and are now planning a series of films that will see Melissa play leading roles across several genres.

Melissa, of Raymond Close, said: “I am so happy right now. 2012 was a great year and 2013 is looking to be even better.”

Writer and director Philip Gardiner added: “We simply had to get more of Melissa, she is a great character actress with equally great looks.”

Melissa began her filming career as a support artist in feature films such as ‘Dead Cert’ , ‘Fast Girls’ , ‘Bonded by Blood’.

She has also appeared in episodes of the BBC’s ‘Holby City’ and ‘A Touch Of Cloth’ for Sky One.

Melissa said, “As you can imagine, life is extremely busy and I’m very quickly learning how to juggle!”

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