Seaford Golf Club to host Society of One Armed Golfers’ World Championships

Reinhard Schuknecht
Reinhard Schuknecht
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The Society of One-Armed Golfers will be attempting to break a Guiness world record during their annual World Championships at Seaford Golf Club.

The Society aims to provide a level playing field for golfers who have lost the use of an arm.

It was founded in 1932 and initially was for golfers who had lost an arm during World War 1, but over the years it has grown to include those who have lost the use of an arm through conflict, road or industrial accidents, birth defects or neurological reasons.

The attempt will be made on the Guinness One-Arm Golf Carry record which is the exact point of impact of a ball, measured in a straight line, driven from a nominated tee.

The record currently stands at 257 metres held by a two armed Swedish golf pro but the society is confident that one of their low handicap one-armers can beat it.

Over 40 members of the society from around the world will be taking part in the main championships and other competitions as well as taking on members of the Seaford Golf Club. The week will culminate in a Gala Dinner on Friday June 13th.

The event will be held at Seaford Golf Club on Firle Road, Seaford from Saturday June 7 to Friday June 13.

All spectators are welcome throughout the week and especially for the record attempt which will take place at 5pm on Monday June 9.