Seaford Hard of Hearing Club will fold without more volunteers

A group which organises social events for the hard of hearing will be forced to close unless a new secretary and treasurer can be found.

Seaford Hard of Hearing Club has been serving the community for 54 years.

But its secretary and treasurer are retiring at the end of this year and so far no replacements have been found.

Brian Carter from Seaford Hard of Hearing Club said: “The club is now faced with a difficult decision.

“The club cannot continue without officers to run it.

“Most of the members have now reached an age where they do not feel able to carry out this work although some of them have done so in the past.

“We are immensely proud of our long record of service in the community and the committee members are anxious that the club continues its commitment to local people in the future.”

The club organises monthly meetings, speakers, parties and an outing every year, as well as lip reading classes.

Meetings take place at St James Clubhouse, Blatchington Road, Seaford, on the first Friday of each month.

If you are able to help or would like to find out more, call Brian Carter on 01323 898628 or email him at