Seaford man to run Hadrian’s Wall for charity


A Seaford man is running the length of Hadrian’s Wall in 24 hours for charity in support of his friend’s son who has a serious illness.

Mark Cage, 41, of Greenwell Close, will take part in the challenge in June with nine friends, covering 69 miles.

Together they are raising money for the Tuberous Sclerosis Association (TSA), which helps children diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC).

Mark, who works as an English as a Foreign Language teacher, said: “My good friend Nick, one of the runners, has a son with TSC, so I’ve seen first hand how it affects children.

“TSC is an awful condition which leads to growths appearing on many of the body’s internal organs.

“We really want to raise awareness of the condition, and of the TSA and the wonderful support it provides for parents of children with this condition.”

Mark will also be running the Hastings Half Marathon dressed as a Roman Soldier in order to publicise the main event.

He added: “Clearly, I’d rather not be running in a dress, ‘armour and carrying a sword, but if it gets some publicity for the charity it will be worth it.

“If that goes well, I have a place in the Brighton Marathon at which I’ll happily run as a Roman in return for donations and publicity for Tuberous Sclerosis Association.”

Mark took on the challenge to support his friend Nick Dale who lives in Yorkshire and to raise awareness of the disease.

He and Nick have been friends since university.

Mark explained TSC was not a well-known condition, and was thankfully quite rare, but treatment relies on diagnosis.

Mark added: “At a more practical level, it will be, by far, the hardest physical challenge I’ve ever done.

“I’ve run a few marathons and last year our group ran York Walls dawn-til-dusk, but this 69-mile run will take all of us to new level of pain. It will test whether we all really want to do it or not.

“Unlike many other challenges, there will be around 12-18 hours of pain, and each of those hours will be filled with the voice saying ‘you don’t have to do this’.

“That’s precisely why I want to do it. To overcome the mental barriers in order to achieve something personal but that’s also beneficial to others. “ To sponsor Mark go to