Seaford Police urge safe cycling at night time

SEAFORD Police are reminding cyclists to make sure their bikes are equipped with lights and proper brakes as the nights close in.

The neighbourhood policing team seized four bicycles from Seaford youths on September 8 for riding dangerously at night with no brakes and no lights.

At present police are adopting a low level response and want to educate riders about the dangers they are creating.

But if the same people are stopped again in similar circumstances then their bikes will be seized and anyone found committing an offence will be prosecuted.

The team noticed a small group of young cyclists are riding around the town in the evenings with no lights, brakes and reflective clothing.

These individuals will be targeted if they come to police attention in the future.

Amongst the items that bicycles must have is a white front light, red rear light, red rear reflector, amber/yellow pedal reflectors - front and back on each pedal and reflectors fitted to the front and the spokes.

You can get lights that are steady or flashing or a mixture, plus you should also wear light-coloured or fluorescent clothing that helps other road users to see you in daylight and poor light

Helmets can help prevent a head injury if you fall from your bike.

You should wear a helmet that: meets the British Standard (BS EN 1078:1997) is a snug fit and positioned squarely on your head with only enough room for two fingers between your chin and the strap.

Make sure you replace your helmet every five years. Don’t buy a second-hand helmet - it may be damaged and not protect you properly.