Seaford Police warn drivers to be vigilant after thefts from vehicles

SEAFORD Police are urging drivers to lock their cars after a spate of thefts from vehicles, with the message ‘lock it or lose it.’

Officers will be targeting more vulnerable areas to remind motorists of the dangers of failing to lock their vehicles, the message quite simply is “Lock It or Lose It”.

If an insecure vehicle is found, reasonable efforts will be made to locate the driver, but police are calling on them to make sure their cars are secure.

Don’t be a temptation to the thief – lock your valuables in the boot.

Park legally and in a secure place. Lock the doors when driving. Lock the car! Leaflets are being distributed to public buildings, shops and stores within the town.

Leaflets will be displayed at the library, post office, the leisure centre, local supermarkets and main stores.