Seaford primary school teacher has a ball at Olympic torch relay

Kate Steer with her olympic torch, Seaford Primary School
Kate Steer with her olympic torch, Seaford Primary School

SEAFORD Primary School teacher Kate Steer was one of the torch bearers on the Eastbourne leg of the Olympic torch relay on Tuesday July 17.

She brought the torch into school the next day to show the children and said the whole event was amazing from start to finish.

Kate said: “When I was dropped off at my start point it was wonderful to see all the children from school and friends and family who had come to see me.

“The choir children singing was as great as usual and made the day even more special.

“I ran in Bedfordwell Road to Upper Avenue and was a little out of breath at the end - the police officer at my side asked me to run a bit faster!

“Following the torch in the bus afterwards as we picked up each torchbearer was fun too.

“To see the crowds gathered along the route was brilliant and my face was aching from smiling!

“I’ve had facebook messages from as far as the US, Australia and New Zealand and loads of photos uploaded and a video of the children singing.

“Overall the experience has been wonderful and I’m still riding on cloud nine!”