Seaford Seafront bin fires blamed on barbecues

BURNT out waste bins on Seaford seafront are being blamed on the ‘careless disposal’ of barbecue trays, the town council has said.

During the past few months several bins on the seafront have caught alight.

The town council is now urging people to be more responsible when enjoying the good weather on the beach.

It says the cost to repair the bins is around £1,500 plus the costs of clearing up debris.

Community services committee chairman cllr Anthony White said: “Sadly, irresponsible beach users are unnecessarily costing the taxpayer funds that could be put to better use.

“I would urge the public to follow basic safety rules to ensure that the beach remains a safe place for everyone to enjoy.”

Advice from the council included raising the barbeue off the pebbles to stop them getting hot as they can burn people and cold pebbles swept over hot ones may shatter and cause injury, douse the barbecue with water and leave to completely cool down before disposing of safely and do not take glass bottles onto the beach.

For more information contact Seaford Town Council on 01323 894870.