Seaford sisters unexpected stars in Olympic Torch Relay

Carmen and Cienna Jamieson hold the Olympic torch in Hove
Carmen and Cienna Jamieson hold the Olympic torch in Hove
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SEAFORD sisters Carmen and Cienna Jamieson ended up centre stage when they made a last minute decision to see the Olympic Torch Relay in Hove.

Carmen, eight, and Cienna, seven, were excited at the prospect of seeing the torch and mum Victoria planned them to have the afternoon off school to go to Eastbourne on Tuesday.

Then their school, Chyngton Primary in Seaford, announced there would be a school mini torch procession.

Carmen and Cienna, of Rye Close, were faced with the dilemma of seeing the real torch or joining the procession with their friends.

Their mum found out the torch would be in Hove on Monday and drove them over to get a glimpse there instead.

“I noticed this big group of cameras and people and just the tip of the torch in the middle,” said Victoria.

“I managed to park straightaway, luckily, and we tried to get closer.

“The crowd was deep but somehow we managed to get in close to where the torchbearer and torch were.

“I asked if it was possible if the girls would be allowed to have their picture taken and they were really very lucky, not only did they get to stand next to the torch and bearer but they were also allowed to hold it.

“The torchbearer even held onto Carmen’s precious ‘Sunshine bear’ so that she could hold on.

“After the girls had their picture taken a lady steward came over and took the girls away from the crowd and into the road where the camera lorry and procession was starting - they were given a bird’s eye view of the first torch being lit in Hove and the start of the relay.

“Carmen stated this has been the best moment in her life so far and Cienna was thrilled to bits too as earlier on in the day she had been given the ‘star of the day’ teddy, Arthur, for being so good in class and that he was in the picture too.

“They are so happy and proud to be involved in such a massive peice of history and have gone to school today so excited to tell everybody they have held the Olympic torch.”