Seaford street pastor scheme proves popular

A COMMUNITY pastor scheme was launched in Seaford this month with a positive reaction from the town.

The pastors had their first outing on Friday December 3 when they were able to engage with the community.

For the rest of 2010 they will be seen in the town on Friday nights, although organisers will then assess which night they are most needed.

Communities Minister Dawn Savidge from Seaford Baptist Church said: “They seemed to get a really positive response from everyone they met.

“A lot of the businesses had heard about street pastors and were all really enthusiastic about them being there.

“They had quite a few good chats with some of the youngsters.”

Volunteers have been receiving training and will keep women safe at bus stops, discourage antisocial behaviour and help people get home after a night on the town.

Street pastors will also hand out spikeys – a device which fits into a bottle, leaving room for a straw, but stops drinks being spiked.

The project is a partnership between Seaford Baptist Church (SBC,) St Thomas More Church, the free church Fresh Springs and the Anglican churches of St Luke’s and St Leonard’s as well as the police and the town council. Other churches have also supported the idea.