Search for relatives of those named on Hailsham War Memorial

DO YOU HAVE (or know anyone who has) any relatives or family connections with someone named on Hailsham’s War Memorial in the High Street?

Local resident David Dyer is currently researching the lives of all those named for the production of an illustrated book to commemorate the 90th Anniversary this year of the erection of the Hailsham War Memorial. Although a great deal of information on those named on the memorial has already been found, it is hoped that, by appealing to residents, further details can be obtained.

“The War Memorial is an essential feature of the town’s identity” said David Dyer.

“Yet, a great many people must pass by it each day without having any knowledge of who these people were or what they did, before they bravely died

for ‘King and Country’, often at a very young age.”

“I have uncovered a wide range of interesting stories concerning the lives and actions of these brave heroes and have attempted to place them in the context of our town. Many photographs, particularly for the First World War, have been lost altogether and many are unknown. It is these images that would bring the pages to life and it is those that I am seeking.”

Hailsham Town Clerk Liz Jones said, “Without knowing more about our war heroes and the cause for which they laid down their lives, each inscription may simply, but not intentionally, remain a name carved in stone. Whilst Hailsham Town Council will happily assist Mr Dyer with his project, help from local residents too would be much appreciated.”

“I commend Mr Dyer for taking the time to research into the lives of Hailsham’s war heroes. Uncovering the stories behind the names commemorated on a war memorial, how old they were when their lives ended, what they did before the entering the frontline, and what their connection to the local community was at the time, can be truly fascinating.”

Mrs Jones said: “It will also help to bring the war memorial to life and encourage the local community to look after and respect it more.”

If you can provide information on anyone named on the Hailsham War Memorial, especially if you have photographs, contact David Dyer on 01323 845107 or email