Search party looking for missing dog on top of cliffs 'provided safety cover' by Hastings Coastguard

A search for a missing dog on top of cliffs in Hastings, has resulted in two call outs by the coastguard rescue team.

According to the Hastings Coastguard Rescue Team, it was tasked yesterday (Saturday) just before 11.45am 'following concerns' that a large search party had been organised to look for a missing dog, and that members of the public 'might inadvertently put themselves in danger searching on the top of the cliff'.

A spokesman added: "We arrived on scene and spoke to a number of those searching for the missing dog and monitored the situation to ensure that no one was putting themselves in danger.

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"Once we were satisfied that no one was in danger we were stood down and returned to station."

It was the second time in as many days that the team were tasked, with the organisations' Facebook page confirming it had attended the cliffs the previous day (Friday).

The post read: "The team was tasked to provide safety cover to members of the public on top of the cliffs, who were out looking for a missing dog.

"The RSPCA were also in attendance. Having discussed matters with the owners, we carried out a brief search of the cliff top area in which was the dog suspected to be located in, but due to the failing light and extremely thick vegetation we were sadly we were unable to locate the dog."