Seasons Art Class Eastbourne celebrates Cavendish's Hotel 150 year anniversary

Nestled in the picturesque town of Eastbourne, where the sea breeze blends with the scent of history, stands the Cavendish Hotel—a living testament to elegance, tradition, and 150 years of unforgettable moments. This year, as the Cavendish Hotel celebrates its sesquicentennial, it has enlisted the artistic prowess of Seasons Art Class Eastbourne to pay homage to its timeless façade.
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The marriage between Seasons Art Class Eastbourne and the Cavendish Hotel has been nothing short of serendipitous. Within the walls of this historic establishment, artists of all backgrounds and levels have found solace and inspiration. The hotel's grandeur and its palpable sense of history have provided a fitting backdrop for creative minds to flourish.

To mark this momentous occasion, the Cavendish Hotel Eastbourne has commissioned Seasons Art Class Eastbourne's talented students to capture its essence on canvas. Each brushstroke, each pencil mark, is a tribute to the architectural marvel that has graced Eastbourne's skyline for generations.

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Among the artists, Glyn Croxton, a three-time returning student to Seasons Art Class, took on the challenge with fervor. His rendition of the Cavendish Hotel is not only a display of technical skill but also a testament to the deep connection artists have forged with this historic site.

Glyn Croxton and his drawing of the Cavendish Hotel EastbourneGlyn Croxton and his drawing of the Cavendish Hotel Eastbourne
Glyn Croxton and his drawing of the Cavendish Hotel Eastbourne

The resulting exhibition promises a visual journey through time, allowing guests to witness the evolution of the Cavendish Hotel over the course of 150 days. It is an opportunity to see history through the eyes of artists, to perceive the hotel's enduring charm from a fresh perspective.

The celebration began with an enlightening presentation at the hotel's opening event earlier this month. The video of the presentation can be viewed here, offering a glimpse into the history of Eastbourne and the hotel.

For those who are intrigued by the idea of joining this vibrant artistic community, Seasons Art Class Eastbourne extends a warm invitation. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at Seasons Art Class Eastbourne or give us a call at 01323 335056 to embark on your own artistic journey.

Join us in celebrating the Cavendish Hotel's 150 years of grace, history, and inspiration. The exhibition promises to be a visual testament to the enduring allure of both art and heritage.

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