Secret campsite is up and running in Barcombe - location to be revealed

IT’S all rather mysterious ... but The Secret Campsite is now up and running.

To reveal its exact location would be to betray the very name, but it’s safe to say the site is happily established on the outskirts of Barcombe.

It is focused on creating a wildlife-rich habitatat in its meadow, which is surrounded by ancient woodland and bordered by an SNCI – Site of Nature Conservation Interest.

The site is being landscaped using a wide variety of edible plants that campers will be able to forage from.

In time, these plants will provide fruits and nuts to eat as well as flowers as an addition to salads and leaves, such as lemon verbena, for making teas.

More foraging opportunities will follow when a small forest-garden is planted in the autumn.

An old-fashioned Thunderbox lavatory also provides a composting system. In time it produces a nurient-rich fertiliser from human waste which can be used to feed trees and shrubs.

The camping meadow is car- and dog-free to encourage a wide range of wildlife to thrive.

Watch out for The Secret Campsite’s website which is due to be online from next week.