Seedy Saturday to take over Lewes Town Hall

It may be hard to see an end to the winter blues.

But as Seedy Saturday prepares to take over Lewes Town Hall, for its seventh annual seed-swapping event, it’s a sure sign that spring is on the way.

On Saturday, February 2 (10am-3pm), expect the venue to be crammed to the rafters with gardening experts and specialist growers all keen to impart their knowledge and encourage people to grow their own food.

Some people need no persuading: quite simply they prefer the taste of home-grown vegetables. But with food prices soaring – vegetable prices have increased by a third in in the last five years – growing one’s own offers a practical solution to household budget woes.

The message this year says Marina Pepper, who created the event back in 2007 while Chair of Lewes District Council, is that growing is for all.

She said: “You don’t need a huge garden or an allotment. Even just a few window boxes and pots can make a difference. Home grown veg can help ensure we eat well and stretch our money just that little bit further.

“This year, for a whole host of reasons, some to do with climate, others to do with austerity and the economy, there’s a real sense of urgency about our need to grow more of our own food.

“But many of us don’t quite know how to. The skills have been lost in many families. We want to help change this by showing people how to get started. We can’t emphasise enough, you don’t need to be blessed with green fingers or have loads of spare time. You just need to have a go!”

A number of speakers will be on hand to help, and Sussex folk group The Longhill Ramblers will be calling in at lunchtime to perform their unique blend of traditional tunes.