Seven Sisters Country Park in Exceat wins environmental award

SEVEN Sisters Country Park has won its third award in a row for the outstanding environmental management of the site.

Visitors services staff at the park were given a Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Award (GTBS).

Staff and volunteers achieved a fantastic 86 per cent score across a wide range of measures for exemplary good practice, noted specifically for education, interpretation, information, habitat management, partnership working, and promotion of non-car use.

Particularly rewarding was the comment from the GTBS assessor, Paul Jeffries who said: “Your site could almost be writing some of the criteria.”

The park is located near Exceat just off the A259 and visitor services staff come from the South Downs Joint Committee (SDJC).

SDJC head of service Phil Belden said: “Again, another fantastic award for the organisation, Seven Sisters Country Park and staff.

“This is a fitting climax to the 20 years of conservation and visitor management by the SDJC and its predecessor body, in looking after the Sussex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and some of its iconic sites.”

Now that the South Downs National Park Authority is in full operation, the Country Park has reverted back to East Sussex County Council control.

An SDJC spokesperson said: “This award sets a great challenge for the County Council to persevere with this excellent scheme and continue the fine work being handed on by the SDJC.”