Severe floods to be consigned to past by scheme in Newhaven

Newhaven flood scheme
Newhaven flood scheme

Plans to protect Newhaven from flooding in the future were revealed at a public exhibition this week.

The areas where the defences will focus are between Newhaven incinerator and the sea.

Once complete they will reduce the risk of flooding to 437 homes and 392 business.

The ambitious scheme, which will cost £9m, will begin in 2016 and finish in 2019, freeing up land for development.

Environment Agency flood and coastal risk manager Andrew Gilham said: “We had about 50 people visit throughout the course of the afternoon which we were very pleased with. Some of those people have lived in the area for many years and are an invaluable source of information for us.

“If we had the defences in place that we will do with this scheme, then we wouldn’t have seen the flooding we saw in Newhaven in December 2013.”

The public were invited to the exhibition at the Hillcrest Centre in Hillcrest Road on Monday February 9 where the plans were welcomed.

It will mean floods such as those in 2013 will be a thing of the past. In December 2013 a tidal surge flooded the railway line, cutting off trains between Seaford and Newhaven.

Newhaven Eastside and the Fort Road Recreation Ground were flooded, with between 50 and 100 homes affected.

At this stage the Environment Agency is consulting with the public about its plans to improve flood defences in the town and is keen to hear the public’s views.

Amongst the areas the scheme will look at are the incinerator to the railway crossing where an earth bank and movable flood barrier are proposed.

Improvements include: an earth bank and barrier across the A26 or an earth bank with sheet piles and a barrier over the A26; from the incinerator to the Swing Bridge on the East Side, three possible routes for flood defences have been identified, including either a concrete wall or a temporary flood wall; from Riverside Park to the boat yard, improve the bank and extend the existing earth bank; from Denton Island Bridge to the Swing Bridge (west) build a flood wall; from the Swing Bridge (East Side) to the University Technical College the EA will work with the college to confirm defences and between the college and the beach it will work with the port owner NPP to confirm defences and from the Swing Bridge (west) to The Ark an improved and extended flood wall and an improved and extended earth bank on the West Quay Promenade.