Severe weather warnings for snow and ice issued by the Met Office for this weekend

Snow February 2012.''Ripe Village
Snow February 2012.''Ripe Village

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for snow and ice during the next few days in East Sussex.

Outbreaks of rain, sleet and some snow will gradually clear southwards during Saturday night (January 12), with temperatures falling rapidly through the evening and night, there is a risk of icy surfaces.

The rain, sleet and snow may linger in parts of Southern England well into Sunday (January 13) morning, by which time it will be light and mainly falling as snow.

While local accumulations of up to 2cm of snow are possible on some higher level roads, it is the risk of ice which is expected to present the main problem.

Severe weather warnings (yellow alert) for ice have been issued for both Saturday and Sunday.

The public should be aware of the risk of disruption to travel.

On Monday the Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for snow (yellow alert).

The Met Office said an area of rain, sleet and hill snow spreading into northwestern Scotland by early Monday is expected to turn increasingly to snow to low levels as it moves southeastwards through the day.

Some significant accumulations of around 5cm of snow are likely over low ground with perhaps 10 cm or more over higher ground.

Icy surfaces will be an additional hazard, particularly during Monday morning.

The public should be aware of the risk of disruption to travel.

Saturday is the warmest day, with 5C forecast during the day, but due to windchill it will feel more like 0C.

Temperatures on Sunday will be colder still, ranging from 0C to 2C, but feeling like -4C.

Monday is the coldest day with the highest temperature forecast to be 2C, but dropping -2C, however it could feel like -6C.