Sheep attacked by dogs in Ashdown Forest


Police are appealing for witnesses after a report that dogs attacked sheep in Ashdown Forest on Monday (September 1).

Police said a severely injured ewe was found near Crowborough Road close to the Duddleswell crossroads.

It had suffered major wounds to its rump and was not expected to survive.

A little while later a sheep that had been spotted in a stream near the Airman’s Grave was located with a nearby flock with ‘horrific’ injuries to her neck, which were expected to prove fatal, police said.

A lamb had also been seen in the stream with blood on its neck from a suspected dog bite, police said.

Police said there are no details of the dogs or owners involved and police are appealing for anyone who witnessed the attacks or has any information about them to contact officers.

James Osman, National Farmers’ Union adviser for East Sussex and West Sussex said: “Sadly, dog attacks on livestock are all too common and owners need to be much more aware of the damage and havoc that their pets can cause.

“A farmer can legally shoot a dog that is chasing livestock and seek compensation from the person responsible for the dog. With sheep, even those that have not been physically attacked can be traumatised and be prone to miscarrying unborn lambs or just dying from shock. This is potentially very expensive for the farmer and ultimately, the dog owner.

“No matter how well-behaved and docile a dog normally is, they can quickly turn into unpredictable and savage killers. We urge people to keep their dogs on a lead in the countryside and if they live near livestock, to ensure their properties are well fenced with dog-proof boundaries.”

Anyone with information should contact or call 101 quoting serial 87 of 02/09.