Sheep cause a stir in Peacehaven


A flock of around 80 sheep escaped from Telscombe Tye into a residential area of Peacehaven on Saturday September 28.

Here they are (pictured) holding up the number 14 bus.

Amazingly Sussex Police only received five calls from members of the public about the rogue flock.

And according to PC Anna Batchelor the animals didn’t cause much disruption either.

She said a gate was left open at the Tye, allowing the sheep to go walkabout.

Owners of the flock were this week urging people to make sure gates were closed behind them and that their dogs were under control.

The adventurous sheep headed along Downswalk, Telscombe Road and then down Heathdown Close where they had a good nose around residents’ gardens.

Sussex Police were called at 12.50pm and were joined by the farmer Tim Armour.

Together five police and the farmer herded the sheep back up the town’s roads to the Tye, which took about ten to 15 minutes.

PC Batchelor said: “I couldn’t believe it didn’t cause any more disruption or trouble on the roads.

“A few drivers had to wait but it was all dealt with quickly and smoothly.

“The sheep didn’t seem to be scared by anything.

“They were quite happy just plodding along the road.

“It really was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.”

The flock are believed to belong to Telscombe Town Council and local farmer Tim Armour.

Town council clerk Martin Duckworth added: “Please shut the gate and keep your dogs under control.”

He said if a dog spooks the sheep and the gate is left open the animals will scatter.