Sheep farmer’s proposal: ‘Will ewe marry me?’

The happy couple - Emily and Henry
The happy couple - Emily and Henry

A sheep farmer from Willingdon found an interesting way to propose to his girlfriend.

Henry Brown, 34, surprised his girlfriend Emily Walker, 22, from Hailsham, by proposing with a helping hand from his flock.

The happy couple - Emily and Henry

The happy couple - Emily and Henry

“We both work in the sheep farming sector, it felt an apt way to propose,” said Henry, who farms 450 lambing ewes.

“You’ve got to make a bit of effort with these things, you only do it the once.

“I just thought I would make it a bit of fun really.”

He said he planned the proposal in advance, and wanted to make sure it was imaginative.

'Will ewe marry me'

'Will ewe marry me'

“We both had the day off so I said shall we go for a ride around the farm,” said Henry.

Earlier, he had got five of his flock, sprayed them with ‘Emily, will ewe marry me?’, and put them out in a separate field.

When the pair spotted the sheep in the wrong place on their morning ride, they went out to investigate.

Emily said, “I did not have a clue, I did not expect it at all. I was really surprised.

“I walked up and saw the sheep and thought hold on what’s going on. Then I realised what they had got written on them.

“He then did the gentlemanly thing and got down on one knee.”

Emily said yes, and now the pair, who have been together since May, have set the wedding date for June 27 next year.

She said they are planning a big traditional wedding in the summer, as they both have large families.

Before their engagement, the pair had known eachother for many years, as old family friends, as well as the fact they both work in the same sector of the farming world.

And for Emily, things just got better, as the following day she had a sheepdog trial.

“I was really excited and buzzing that day,” said Emily. “I was saying all the wrong things!”

But despite the distraction and excitement of the previous day, Emily and her sheepdog came second, making it the icing on the cake.

“It was really exciting,” she said. “It was a good weekend.”