Shetland pony found abandoned


AN injured pony has been found abandoned in a remote field near Barcombe.

A farmer walking his land discovered the stricken animal.

On checking the piebald Shetland pony, she was found to have serious injuries to her rear quarters.

The farmer contacted Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, at Ringmer, which arranged for her to be taken to an equine veterinary practice for examination and treatment.

The injuries may have been caused by the pony recently giving birth.

Raystede Chief Executive Nigel Mason said: “It is possible that the pony strayed or escaped from her field. If this is the case then we appeal for the owner to make contact with us as a matter of urgency.

“However, if this pony has been deliberately abandoned then this constitutes a clear act of cruelty and we will do everything possible to ensure the irresponsible owner is brought to justice.”

He continued: “The veterinary bill will be covered by Raystede but is likely to run to a four-figure sum.”