Shingle realignment starts on Seaford Beach

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The resculpting of Seaford Beach began on Monday February 25 and will take three weeks to complete.

The Environment Agency will move shingle from opposite ends of the beach back to the middle.

This helps to protect 300 homes and 50 businesses from flooding by taking the force out of the waves.

As a result the sea wall is safeguarded from damage and it prevents the waves from breaching the wall.

Shingle realignment takes place every year and helps reduce the risk of coastal flooding to low lying parts of the town.

Waves eventually move the shingle away from the central section of the beach (The Buckle) to the north west (West Beach) and south east (Splash Point) areas of the beach.

In October and February each year, the Environment Agency moves around 60,000 cubic metres of shingle from the eastern and western ends of the beach back to the centre of the beach.

The shingle is loaded into lorries by an excavator, which then transports it to where it is needed.

Bulldozers then use the material to build up the beach.

Solent and South Downs Area flood and coastal risk operations manager David Robinson said: “By undertaking the recycling work we are able to maintain the defences at Seaford throughout the stormy winter weather.

“Shingle recycling at Seaford has been identified as the most cost-effective method for maintaining the beach for coastal protection and recreational purposes, whilst still allowing natural coastal processes to continue.

“We work with East Sussex County Council to ensure protection of wildlife, flora and fauna, and Seaford Town Council and local residents to enable the beach environment to be enjoyed all year round.”

You can take a look at what the EA are doing at Seaford by visiting its online Flickr account ( where it will be posting pictures of the work in progress.

To find out about the flood warning service and how people can protect themselves and their homes, call Floodline on 0845 988 1888 or visit: