Should we ‘Flip the FAB’? Lighthearted campaign launched

Billingshurst-based marketing agency Smart Monkey is calling on the people of Britain to get behind their campaign to have the FAB ice lolly reversed.
Lauren Smith. Picture courtesy of Smart Monkey Ltd.Lauren Smith. Picture courtesy of Smart Monkey Ltd.
Lauren Smith. Picture courtesy of Smart Monkey Ltd.

In an unusual press release to the County Times, account director Lauren Smith explained: “The Smart Monkey team loves FAB® ice lollies!

“The bit at the top with the coloured sprinkles is obviously the best bit though, so we are calling on Nestlé to switch the parts at the extremities so that we can all save the best part until the end.

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“While the sprinkles are a clear winner, Smart Monkey wants to emphasise the importance of the FAB® as a whole, stressing that all three elements of a FAB® are important and it is vital that none are lost.

“They would like to see the fruity strawberry section moved to the top of the lolly, while the vanilla section remains undisturbed and the sprinkle coated chocolate part moves to the bottom – thereby flipping the FAB® around entirely.

“The arrival of the first summer in a good few years that looks set to stick around means that more people than ever will be indulging in a cheeky ice lolly, so this issue needs to be acted upon right now.

“Please support Smart Monkey in their efforts to make a great ice lolly even better by signing the petition at and making others aware of the campaign too.

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“You can also show your support on twitter using the hashtag #flipthefab.”

Although Nestlé are not clients of Smart Monkey, common sense would suggest that a successful campaign might provide them with a foot in the door.

What do you think - is this a fab idea, or should the popular ice lolly be left as it is? Or will it not make a lick of difference?