Skipper rescued by Newhaven lifeboat

Newhaven lifeboat to the rescue
Newhaven lifeboat to the rescue

A skipper was rescued by lifeboat crews on Friday (May 1) after his vessel’s propeller stopped working.

Newhaven’s Severn Class lifeboat RNLB David and Elizabeth Acland and her volunteer crew were launched at 10.10am to a 16ft fishing vessel with a fouled propeller.

Commercial vessel Coast Runner had spotted the casualty drifting close to shore at Seaford Head with the skipper frantically waving to get assistance.

A spokesman for the lifeboat service said: “Fortunately the skipper of Coast Runner is the Newhaven Coastguard Station Officer.

“He gave immediate assistance by attaching a line and towing the disabled vessel into deeper water and requested the lifeboat to be launched.

“Newhaven lifeboat proceeded to the position south of Seaford and was quickly on scene.

“A tow was established and the disabled fishing boat was then safely towed into Newhaven harbour.”

A spokesman for Newhaven Coastguard said: “While pots were being hauled the line became caught around the vessel’s propeller and could not be freed.

“The vessel was close in under Seaford Head so another commercial vessel towed it to a safer location in deeper water until Newhaven Lifeboat was able to take over the tow.”

The lifeboat spokesman added: “Newhaven lifeboat then returned to station at 10.28 and was again ready for service shortly afterwards.”