Slideshow: art exhibition reveals talents of Newhaven photographers

A free art exhibition showcasing the talents of Newhaven people and what they love about the West Beach will be staged in the town from Saturday October 26 to Tuesday October 29.

Around 150 photos will be on display at 46 Fort Road across two rooms, grouped into themes, such as the Save Newhaven Beach and Breakwater Rounders Match and Picnic.

Birds by Andre Havard

Birds by Andre Havard

These events saw residents bring ladders to scale the fence and access the beach in their hundreds in protest against the continued closure of the beach by owner Newhaven Port and Properties since 2008. Here are just some of the photos to feature in the exhibition.

One of the organisers Zoe Busby said: “Newhaven is a town that gets put down an awful lot.

“I would just like to show people how much more beautiful this town is than they can imagine.

“If they come along to this exhibition they will see it the way we see it.

“It’s very interesting to see so many people with such a good eye for photos.”

Zoe said she had previously lived in London, Lewes and Brighton but had come back to Newhaven.

She said: “I feel really safe in Newhaven. It’s pretty unpretentious.”

Zoe added she loves the beach in Newhaven. When friends of hers come to visit she would dearly love to be able to take them to the sandy beach because it is small and safe.

She said: “It’s quite peaceful down there. Even when there are people down there, they give each other a nice amount of distance.”

The exhibition runs from noon to 5pm. Slideshow at