SLIDESHOW: Autumn walk in Cross-in-Hand

This is another lovely, short, circular autumn walk through dense woodland. It can be soggy underfoot, but it’s sheltered and perfect for wet weather.

Start: Park at the top of Ghyll Road or in the Mill Road car park.

The walk features this bridge L1342012

The walk features this bridge L1342012

A) Walk west along Sheepsetting Lane. Turn right at the T-junction onto right hand pavement of the A267 and walk as far as car park to St Bartholomew’s Church on the left. Cross the road and walk to the right hand entrance to the churchyard. Walk through the churchyard and take the right hand kissing gate. Go straight ahead onto wooded path which turns into a boardwalk, and pick up the path leading downhill. Veer slightly to the left (ignoring a path ahead of you marked by a large, felled tree.) Continue in the same direction, down a slope, over a plank bridge, up wooden steps and through a rhododendron wood. Arrive at a path leading to an arched bridge with red, painted balustrade, spanning a pond.

B) Bear left to cross the bridge, bear right, go over another plank bridge then veer left and join the main path which heads downhill to your right.

Continue until you reach the first path leading off to the left, through a kissing gate and along a path between paddocks and two houses. Continue to New Pond Hill.

C) Cross New Pond Hill, turn right, then immediately left onto a footpath which leads past a gate and downhill over a stream.

Follow the path to the left, ignoring a pathway on the right which leads into a pinewood. This can be muddy. Continue uphill along this path, eventually coming to a wide, grassy track. Follow to a gate. Cross a stile (left of the gate) and cross the A267 taking great care. Turn left along A267, then quickly right into Pook Reed Lane.

D) Continue along Pook Reed Lane, Take a wide footpath leading to the left and folowing until reaches Ghyll Road. Turn left.