SLIDESHOW: Borough Bonfire Society lay Russian President bare

On most days, the sight of Russian President Vladimir Putin swathed in a skimpy Borat-style mankini would be unexpected.

On the other hand he is well known for going topless while on macho hunting trips, so maybe it’s not beyond the realms of the possibility.

Putin Borough Bonfire Society style

Putin Borough Bonfire Society style

But this was Lewes Bonfire and the 20 foot high Vladimir looming over Lewes High Street was just one of the unusual sights to greet visitors to the fiery town on Wednesday November 5.

And he wasn’t the only Putin out for a walk during Bonfire either.

Borough Bonfire Society put on a great show, with the spectacular Zulus commanding attention during the procession.

They were seen in full ceremonial dress proudly marching around the town on Bonfire Night and must boast the most eye catching costume in Bonfire.

Their First Pioneers, the Zulus, were joined by Lewes Borough’s Brass Band and Second Pioneers were Tudor Ladies and Gentlemen.

Of course there were the Smugglers in their blue and white jumpers and red caps, visiting societies and The Morris Men.

It was a landmark year for the town’s oldest society in 2013 as it commemorated 150 years of carrying the ‘Monster Iron Key of the Ancient Borough of Lewes’ in its processions.

Last year’s tableau was a Zulu warrior sitting before the Lewes Barbican and holding the key.

The creation featured the famous First Pioneer of Borough and was emblazoned with the official proclamation, remembering the anniversary of Lewes Borough Bonfire Society being given the freedom of the streets on The Fifth.

Borough was founded in 1853 and is the oldest bonfire society in the old town of Lewes.

Their headquarters are at St Mary’s Social Club and the fire site was at Landport Bottom, near the racecourse, where tickets cost £3 for adults and £1 for children.

This year Borough was raising money for three charities: Help for Heroes, Lewes District YMCA and St John Ambulance.