SLIDESHOW: Commercial Square spark controversy at Lewes Bonfire

Commercial Square Bonfire Society also made a tableau of Scottish nationalist leader Alex Salmond this year.

The First Minister was sat on a wall in a yellow and black kilt with a Union Jack cape around his shoulders.

Commercial Square Bonfire Society

Commercial Square Bonfire Society

The back of the tableau showed a tin of North Sea oil, whiskey barrels and a basket of fish. The kilt was slightly blowing up at the back. Earlier this year Scotland held a referendum for independence. Mr Salmond led the yes to independence campaign.

Both Commercial Square and Waterloo Bonfire Society’s tableaux of Mr Salmond caused a stir on social networking sites when people took offence.

Sussex Police said it had been advised that there would be no burning of the tableaux at the bonfire.

But pictures by Twitter user @mwstory seemed to show Commercial Square’s tableau of Mr Salmond with fireworks spraying out of its chest. Commentators on Twitter then claimed the tableau was detonated before the society’s fireworks display. Writing on Twitter @mwstory said: “Newspapers are wrong: Alex Salmond effigy was lit with fireworks then detonated in Lewes.”

Despite the media storm, Commercial Square put on a fantastic show in the procession, wowing the crowds as they proudly marched by.

The bonfire society’s motto is ‘For Independence’ and this year they planned to strike out on their own to revisit a procession route that has not been used for many years. The Wallands Grand Procession was planned to start from the Elephant and Castle in honour of the Wallands Park Procession of the 19th century society. The route planned to take in several streets around Commercial’s headquarters before heading along The Avenue, Park Road and Prince Edward’s Road to wait at Spital Road.

Crowds got to see the society’s famed Native American head dresses which were inspired by Chief Oskenonton. People also saw the society’s smugglers dressed in their traditional gold and black striped jumpers. There were also Sun Dancers, Medicine Men, Devil Dancers and Apaches. The evening culminated in a fantastic fireworks display at the society’s fire site in Landport.

The Express was unable to reach Commercial Square for comment before going to press.