SLIDESHOW: Fiery splendour from South Street Bonfire Society

South Street endorsed its family credentials on Wednesday with its highest contingent yet of immaculately turned-out youngsters.

Beneath the banner ‘Have a bangin’ sparkly night,’ tots and teens gathered outside the Snowdrop HQ ready for their Children’s Parade.

South Street Bonfire Society - picture by Angela Brinkhurst

South Street Bonfire Society - picture by Angela Brinkhurst

Lola George, eight, was marching for the fourth time alongside mum Mary, with Freya Frome, seven, enjoying her first with mum Celi. Isis Spencer, seven, looked spectacular in her Puritan costume but she’s an old hand - she has marched for seven successive years starting in a puschair with mum and dad Elaine and Jonathan. Possibly the youngest was Alice Newman, just 12 months.

South Street excelled themselves with an immaculately-constructed tableau depicting the Knight’s helmet from the Battle of Lewes, appropriate as the Society played a major role in its re-enactment.

South Street’s costumes are notable by their elegance. First Pioneers dress in 18th century Colonial costume while the Second Pioneers fulfil the roles of opposing armies in the English Civil War. Other members extracted outfits from the wardrobe to parade in various imaginative forms of fancy dress.

Taking part in parades were visitors Hastings, Firle and Rye Bonfire Societies and stirring musical accompaniment was provided by the Glen Duart Pipe Band.

South Street is a true town centre Society with the name indicating its heart-of-Lewes HQ location and the fire site on Railway Land by the Linklater Pavilion. The display started at 8.30pm, (one of the earliest) making it family friendly and accessible. The fiery splendour is highly visible too from the heights above Cliffe and along the Ouse Valley. Of note for firework aficionadoes, this year I watched shell bursts in brilliant shades of silver, scarlet and cerise. A triumph for President and South Street resident Dilly Barlow and her hardworking committees.