SLIDESHOW: Lewes and Ringmer primary school kids perform dances inspired by the Olympics

WITH the countdown to the London Olympics well and truly underway, the Lewes and Ringmer Primary Schools’ annual dance show took the Games as its theme.

Performers at Priory School looked to the spirit of the Olympics rather than at specific events.

All 10 primary schools were asked to explore the meanings of the motto ‘Higher, Faster, Stronger’ and the values of ‘Excellence, Respect, Friendship, Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality’ and to create a dance that helped to reflect their understanding.

The primary schools had little or no choreographic input apart from teachers but the resulting show produced a minor masterpiece of dance and one that all students should be proud of.

The show is a highlight of the curriculum calendar and one that over the years has become sustainable and will leave a lasting legacy for years to come.

It is an important event that allows the community to come together and celebrate the creativity of students across all year groups.

The show was hosted by Priory School and it provided 14 Year 9 leaders who helped to ensure that the show ran smoothly and that all the primary schools were well catered for.

The leadership skills they showed were a credit to themselves and the school and a chance to see partnerships working well within the wider community.

Congratulations were hugely deserved to all the primary schools that took part: Wallands, St Pancras, Southover, Western Road, Rodmell, Lewes New School, Lewes Old Grammar, Firle, Ringmer and Laughton.