Slideshow: Mayfield Carnival

MAYFIELD heralded the dawning of the bonfire season on Saturday with a day-long programme of events culminating in a superb aerial firework display.

Streets were closed to traffic as village organisations lined up stalls to publicise their activities, sell goods, feed hungry visitors and lay on tombolas. Wearing their giant sunflowers in honour of their forthcoming production of Calendar Girls were Mayfield Phoenix Players’ chairman Toni Mehra and colleague Rosemary Gillett. The play will be staged at the Memorial Hall on November 22 and 23.

Children lined up at the start of the street procession to show off imaginative costumes hinting at hours of backstage work by dedicated families.

There was a ‘Boris Island,’ a dalmatian, Bo Peep with her sheep and a patriotic tribute to Team GB. Two delightful mermaids complete with tails and sea shells were towed up the High Street on a floating island.

The sun shone all day and the evening was clear and dry for a dramatic torchlit procession culminating in an incandescent display of fireworks which lit up the night sky for miles around.