SLIDESHOW: Nevill Juvenile Bonfire celebration

A damp evening did not deter big crowds from enjoying Nevill Juvenile Bonfire celebration at the weekend.

They witnessed terrific processions followed by fantastic fireworks. The magnificent effigy was pulled through the streets along with an imposing tableau of cyclist Bradley Wiggins marking his gold medal success for Great Britain this year.

Nevill Bonfire celebrations

Nevill Bonfire celebrations

The society held their first ever Guy Fawkes competition and all entries were of a high standard. The winner was Louis Soudain, whose creation was placed at the summit of the bonfire.

There were many visiting societies from across Lewes and beyond who added to the tremendous procession filled with more than 500 Nevill members. Many of the junior members were carrying lanterns they had crafted in workshops organised by the society over the last few weeks.

The lanterns offered a less intimidating alternative to the blazing torches which were safely in abundance, and helped guide the marchers to the firesite.

The culmination of the evening was the grand fireworks display including setpieces marking the 50th anniversary of the James Bond Films.

The sight and sound of the effigy and tableau being ceremoniously destroyed after some striking pyrotechnics was the queue for the start of an impressive aerial display that concluded the spectacle.

The society would like to thank all residents for removing their cars from the procession routes and for the support of local businesses.

It has said a big thank you to everyone who marched in the procession and who helped with the preparations and on the night.