Slideshow: Phoenix Festival reveals a creative heartland in Lewes

Hundreds of Lewes residents enjoyed experiencing the wealth of art, music and oddities at The Phoenix Festival on Saturday.

The Artistic Quarter of Lewes firmly cemented itself as the most creative part of town as people were met by mechanical sofas being driven along the street, children upside down on a trapeze rig and an assortment of grotto-like studios filled with weird and wonderful creations.

Following an art map of the area, visitors took a tour from dance studios, to recording studios to permaculture gardens and more.

Even locals seemed surprised by the amount of creativity that has sprung up over the last few years and how much this area has to offer for all ages within the town.

The Mayor of Lewes, Cllr Ruth O’Keeffe, opened the festival in the beautifully decorated riverside yard which had been cleared of the buses to make space for stalls, performance areas and a bouncy castle.

This colourful yard also attracted people over from Tesco who weren’t planning to go to the festival - and they all agreed it was well worth it, with children being mesmerised by the experience.

The organisers are planning to do a repeat festival next year and have plans to make it bigger and better.

However, for those who are excited about what they have discovered they don’t have to wait as all the venues have regular smaller events and workshops all year round.