Slideshow: Remembrance Sunday in Hailsham

Around 400 people gathered around Hailsham’s Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday for a service led by Reverend David Bourne and former sailor Rev Peter Clark, secretary of the town’s Royal British Legion (RBL).

The Exhortation and Kohima Epitaph were read by Michael Weller, Hailsham RBL’s chairman.

Hailsham Remembrance

Hailsham Remembrance

The Reveille and the Last Post were sounded by David Scrase. Don Wilkins played a bagpipe solo to add to the mournful atmosphere.

Among the crowds were World War Two heroes, former Sergeant Major Frank Beer, of 14th Indian Army (The Forgotten Army), and Normandy veteran Jim Humphries.

Mr Humphries, 93, blasted the government’s decision to remain at war in Iraq. He said: “The powers that be in high places have no idea what war is like, especially our present government. It was us who had the real rough end.”

Mr Beer, 91, said: “This service is important to me because there are not many of us left and we must keep the memory going.”