Slideshow: Seaford Striders take on tough Beachy Head Marathon

Several Seaford Striders took part in the nearby Beachy Head Marathon which starts and finishes in Eastbourne at Holywell.

It takes in Friston Forest, Jevington, Alfriston, BoPeep, Seaford, Cuckmere Haven and, of course, the Seven Sisters itself.

Naturally hilly, this challenging marathon attracts around 1,700 runners, joggers and walkers of all abilities.

The weather this year was mainly dry but very strong winds which would of meant that wind-chill would have been a major factor of performance for many runners, being exposed to the north winds.

The winner was Bob Harley in 3:09:51 whilst the first lady was Susie Casebourne in 3:31:29.

As far as Seaford Striders were concerned Adrian Campbell finished in 3:58:45, Ryan Stewart 4:04:30 and Jacob Miles in 4:05:44.

Wendy Joy took 4:16:06 and Phil Robinson 4:23:23.

The latter has had a busy year running all Sussex Grand Prix races so far plus other races including this one.

Second lady was Claire Bulger in 4:38:15, Dave Holden 4:55:50, Di Fletcher in 4:59:54 and Dawn Woodgate just over 5 hours in 5:02:16, Becky Breen 5:02:28, Alex Parsons 5:25:50, Neil Bradford 5:26:18, and finally Sue Garner 5:48:00.

The performances are always slower compared to a city marathon typically being 30-45 minutes slower than the aforementioned.