Slideshow: Snow falls across East Sussex

Snow settled across parts of East Sussex this morning (Tuesday January 20).

A light dusting of snow could be seen across the county including in Uckfield, Barcombe and Alfriston.

Snow in East Sussex Cuckmere valley

Snow in East Sussex Cuckmere valley

The snow caused some disruption on the A259 between Seaford and Eastbourne.

Between 6.30am and 7am police received calls about problems with snow between Seaford and the Exceat Bridge at Cuckmere Haven.

A Ford Fiesta car rolled onto its side after going out of control on the hill, police said.

The driver, a man, was able to get out, but had sustained a whiplash injury, police said.

Earlier, in the same vicinity, a Mercedes-Benz CL220 car became stuck between two lanes of traffic, police said.

The driver was unhurt and was later able to move the vehicle and continue his journey towards Eastbourne.

Some buses in the area were reported to have lost traction and become stuck, and gritters were deployed to help clear snow and ice.

Animals at Drusillas Park in Alfriston were out making the most of the snow before it melted.

Zoo keepers said there was no disruption to the park and the zoo remained open for visitors.

Zoo keepers said for red pandas Tibao and Mulan, waking up to the white stuff was a very pleasant surprise.

A spokeswoman said: “Born in June, this was the first flurry their twins Anmar and Mya had experienced and the group were a hive of activity as they investigated the unfamiliar finding. In the wild red pandas are native to the forest regions of China and Nepal, where the climate remains cool throughout the year. They are well equipped for the cold, with incredibly thick fur that covers their bodies including their feet.

“Far from getting in a flap, the zoo’s Humboldt penguins also seemed unaffected by the sudden drop in climate. They have a thick covering of fat below the skin, as well as layers of feathers which trap warm air within. It was therefore business as usual at the pool.

“The meerkats were alright too. The mischievous mob were out playing in the snow and demonstrating the simple way to staying warm. At times they popped back to their heat lamp but running around fast was found to be just as effective.”

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