Slideshow: Uckfield Carnival

Last weekend’s Uckfield Carnival was so good it couldn’t even be spoiled by the actions of a heartless thief.

Although the event raised £3,708.97 for charity, a total of £120-worth of prize money - ready to be presented to winners - was stolen from the Civic Centre during the event.

Holy Cross School Winners of the schools competition by Ron Hill

Holy Cross School Winners of the schools competition by Ron Hill

Organiser Carol Watts-Arnold, who steps down this year, said: “One generous bonfire society gave all their prize money back so we had something to hand out. It was good of them. I’d just like to know that some sad person somewhere feels guilty that they took money from a charity.”

Civic Centre staff are busy checking their CCTV footage of the event.

But Carol couldn’t fault the day. She congratulated everyone who took part and added: “It was one of the best ever - and we topped last year’s total by more than £100 in spite of people being hard-pressed. The whole day was absolutely fantastic. People worked so hard to make it happen and I’m overwhelmed at the enthusiasm. We’ve had so much goodwill and so many congratulations from the people of Uckfield.“

The firework display was organised by the Lewes based Commercial Square Bonfire Society and money raised at the event topped £700.

In the children’s fancy dress competition, Prince Mason Deacon and Princess Mika Hendry were attended by Kain Sanders and Erin Swain while youngsters sported a fantastic variety of costumes including pirates and Mexicans. Holy Cross children won the schools’ competition and charity collectors in Wild West costumes demanded ransom from the crowds. The Uckfield Bonfire is the traditional ‘opener’ to the Sussex bonfire season. Carol concluded: “I hope others will be as successful . It will be a wonderful autumn for everyone.”