Smurf boys huff and puff having fun on run for charity

Smurfs from St Bede's School
Smurfs from St Bede's School

THE SMURFS with Papa Smurf at the helm were the star attraction of the Hove charity race recently, courtesy of the boys of St Bede’s Senior School’s Camberlot House.

Camberlot is one of the Upper Dicker school’s boarding houses and this year Diabetes UK is their chosen charity.

Housemaster Richard Jones came up with the idea that all 40 boys should run the 5k race in aid of the charity and no-one is admitting as to whose idea it was to run the race dressed and painted as Smurfs.

House tutor David King organised the pre-race training and on the day Camberlot’s Rilwan Olugbode was the outright winner with house mate Joe Daly a close second.

Papa Smurf, alias Mr Jones, was not far behind and could indeed have been up there with the winners if he had not had to keep stopping to sign autographs. Afterwards Mr Jones said: “The boys chose Diabetes UK as the House charity for the year as two of them have close family members who suffer from diabetes.

“The fact that every member of the House took part, as well as seven members of staff, makes me very proud and all I can say is: ‘Well done boys’.”

The Smurfs are a group of small blue fictional creatures invented by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford in 1958 and made popular in comic strips and TV programmes with toy merchandising especially during the 1980s.