Social group for the blind in Newhaven may be forced to close

Newhaven Social Group
Newhaven Social Group

A group for blind and partially sighted people in Newhaven may be forced to close due a lack of volunteers.

The Newhaven Social Group provides a lifeline for its 20 members and has been running for 30 years.

But despite a local advertising campaign calling for more people to help, the organisation is down to just a handful of volunteers.

Chief executive officer of East Sussex Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People, Daniel Brookbank, said: “These groups offer their members a social interaction that some of them would not get without it.

“Members love coming to the hall and seeing their friends, listening to music and enjoying tea as well as going out on trips.

“If the group were to fold, the members would have to travel further to one of our other groups and Newhaven would lose a small but essential service.

“I would urge anyone who has a few hours to spare on one Monday a month to get in touch with us to help us save this wonderful group.”

The Newhaven Social Group is part of East Sussex Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People.

It has offered a monthly social gathering for many years to anyone who is blind or partially sighted.

They meet on the third Monday of the month at Denton.

The 20 strong blind and partially sighted membership is in desperate need of some more volunteers to help them organise their group.

They are down to only a few volunteers, two of whom are giving up the group in January next year. This would leave them with only two helpers and the group would have to close.

Mr Brookbank added: “Volunteering is very much in the public eye after the excitement of the Olympics so it has never been a better time to offer help to a local group.”

If you can help call East Sussex Association of the Blind on 01323 832252.