Solar power for Community House in Peacehaven

SOLAR panels will be installed on the roof of the Community House Hall in Peacehaven, the town council has said.

Peacehaven Town Council has placed an order for 60 solar panels which will cover an area of 315 square metres.

Council bosses said the roof is completely flat, the space has no overshadowing from other buildings and the panels can be angled facing directly South giving a one hundred percent daylight efficiency.

A number of technical problems had to be overcome mainly ensuring the roof structure can take the additional weight of the panels without expensive reinforcing. A structural survey was carried out, resulting in allowing the use of a solar panel specifically designed for installation on flat roofs without reinforcement.

It is planned to be operational by March 2012 feeding power into the grid. The panels will generate 12,618 KWh/year giving an annual payback of £3,539.25 based on current electricity prices.