Son continues town’s historic business

A son has taken over his father’s well known locksmithing business in Seaford, while his father, who is now 80, takes a step back.

Andy Anderson, real name Sydney George Anderson, was delighted when his son Greg said he wanted to take over the family business, which has been operating in the town since the 1960s.

Greg said his dad moved to Seaford and opened a shop called County Hardware in December 1964, where he started to cut keys and sell and fit locks.

He sold the shop in 1988 and continued as a locksmith, running the business from home, as well as serving on the Crime Prevention Panel.

Andy was a member of Seaford and Newhaven Round Table from 1964-1973 then instigated Seaford 41 Club and joined Rotary, where he is still a member.

Greg, 44, said: “He is probably best known for his shop and race nights in the late 80s.

“He was heavily involved in the partnership and then the twinning with Bonningstedt and has always been involved with the Rotary Christmas sleigh.

“He was larger than life, nothing was ever a problem for him.

“He always wanted to solve a problem and he was always happy to see people.”

Greg continued: “I used to enjoy working in the shop, especially cutting keys. I helped him with the lockout side of the business after the shop and when he was on holiday.

“I still remember the look on customers’ faces when I would turn up with a new coat hanger and a pair of pliers.

“Over the last 12 months I have become more involved with his business, and recently brought myself up to date with more modern entry methods.

“I loved the community that his shop offered, but I think Seaford town was a different place then.

“Taking over his locksmith business has enabled me to get back into the community and it has been wonderful meeting so many nice people that all have wonderful tales to tell about how my Dad has helped them in the past, whether in the shop, Rotary or locksmithing.

“Dad was so excited and proud when I said I would like to continue his business and I am very proud to be able to continue helping people in the same way he did.”

Greg will be taking on his Dad’s business telephone number 01323 899999. Andy thanked everyone for their support.