South Pole hero’s ‘brutal’ account of record-breaking journey

Scott of the Antarctic: Lieutenant Sears
Scott of the Antarctic: Lieutenant Sears

Lieutenant Scott Sears will be giving a ‘warts and all’ account of his world record-breaking solo trek to the South Pole next week.

The ‘Antarctic Ghurkha’ completed the 702-mile trek to the South Pole on Christmas Day, breaking the world record to become the youngest, unassisted, unaided person to reach the South Pole.

The 27-year-old, from Barcombe, said his account of the epic trek will be “an exclusive look at what it’s really like to trek in such brutal conditions, totally alone”.

Lt Sears said: “One of the toughest parts of the trip was being in a white-out for six days.

“You can’t tell which way is up, it’s totally disorientating, there are no points of reference.

“So far, the trek has raised £45,000 for the Ghurkha Welfare Trust, which supports Ghurkha veterans and their families.”

Andy Murray’s brother-in-law said he was overwhelmed by the support he had on social media, with 40,000 daily visitors to his website tracking his journey.

Lt Sears, of the First Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles, will be telling his story at Komedia in Gardner Street, Brighton, on Monday, February 12 (7pm).

Kelly Edwards-Good, press officer at Komedia, said: “We are incredibly excited to welcome a local, inspirational figure like Scott to our venue.

“We don’t have many events like this so we’re really looking forward to hearing the stories about his perilous journey and we’re sure there’ll be a few laughs in there too.”

Lt Sears broke the world record when he walked into the Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole at 9pm on Christmas Day evening 2017.

He completed the journey in just 38 days. At 27 years of age he has beaten the existing record by two years.

Tickets can be purchased from the Komedia website