South Street Bonfire Society’s talents go ‘beyond just blowing things up’


South Street Bonfire Society’s tableau is so big members are unable to take it through the streets to the fire site at the railway land on November 5.

Every weekend for the last month members have been putting together the mystery tableau and street piece at the society’s new site and in their homes.

President Dilly Barlow said: “It’s very exciting having been able to use our own land. Next year we will have a new unit where we will be able to make our own pieces for our 100th anniversary.”

South Street used to use a unit on the Phoenix Estate and then the Phoenix Theatre Group’s base but that was unavailable this year.

Dilly said membership had swelled this year to about 400 members, due to new people joining and six very new additions born since last Bonfire.

“It’s been a bit of a baby-boom year for SSBS, as Pearl, our Chairman’s wife remarked: ‘We are a very prolific and fertile society. Our talents extend beyond just blowing things up,’” she said.

In the procession will be visiting societies Rye and Hastings, the Expedient Band, Newhaven Youth Marching Band, The Glen Duart Pipe Band and more than 3,000 torches.

First Pioneers dress in 18th century colonial style and Second Pioneers in circa 1750 English Civil War costumes. Society smuggler stripes are dark brown and cream.

Fire site tickets are on sale in advance for £4 at various outlets in Lewes and £5 at the gate. Entry is free for accompanied under 16s.