South Street Bonfire Society steals the show at Lewes Bonfire Costume Competition

Lewes Bonfire costume competition 2013
Lewes Bonfire costume competition 2013

It was wonderful that outsider South Street Bonfire Society was able to stun the opposition by lifting the Pioneer Cup at the Annual Costume Competition at Lewes Town Hall on Friday October 18.

Their fabulous 18th century colonial costumes won the judges’ vote and this will guarantee them a large following as they celebrate their own centenary on Bonfire Night.

This was South Street’s first triumph this century and with gold medals also secured by Solomon Newth, Vicky Newth and Robert Muddle the society secured third place overall.

Winners of the accumulated Point Cup were Waterloo rising from second place last year. Waterloo’s Lacey Rae and Ashley Reynolds were gold winners in the children’s classes and later the same society secured exactly half of the 12 adult classes.

Paul Woodward was voted Best Dressed Pioneer as well as being declared Champion Gentleman at the conclusion of the evening. After several years’ absence the Comic Class was revived and Sharon Jeavons as Bertie Bassett took the points for Waterloo.

The many admirers of Sarah Lewis’ Elizabethan gown were not disappointed as she secured her third consecutive Champion Ladies title as well as sharing the Best Bonfire Pairs prize with her brother Gerry. All this saw Waterloo to a comfortable 18.25 point margin over Cliffe in second place Cliffe.

This was a much improved performance by the Cliffe society with wins for children Caleb Hendley and Courtney Sibson who later paired with Levi Bridger for her second gold medal. Both Fancy Dress classes went to Cliffe courtesy of Christine Varnham and Carl Prince.

Naomi Roberts and Amanda Taylor were worthy winners for Borough who as the reigning champions slipped back to fourth place. Commercial Square’s red indians were voted into second place in the Pioneer Cup and later shared second place with Nevill, Borough and Cliffe in a bizarre four-way tie for second place behind Waterloo in the Fancy Dress Group class.