Spate of thefts from cars in Heathfield

POLICE are warning people to lock up their cars and ensure nothing valuable is inside after a spate of overnight break-ins to parked cars in Ghyll Road and Sheepsetting Lane, Heathfield.

Residents say they discovered cars parked on drives or in the road had been entered and items stolen.

A Sheepsetting Lane couple came down in the morning to find the doors on a van and car left open – presumably so they would not be disturbed by the sound of doors slamming. A Ghyll Road resident said he and neighbours found cars on drives and on the road had been entered overnight and items taken including CDs and sat navs.

Police advise everyone to remove valuables from their vehicles, even if they are only parked for a short time, and always lock the car or commercial van. If you can’t park on your own property, try to park legally in a well-lit area.