Special guest at Newhaven Lifeboat training exercise

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Lewes District Council’s chairman had an ‘inspirational’ morning watching a Newhaven Lifeboat morning training exercise on Sunday (January 6).

Cllr Tony Nicholson and his Consort Angela wen aboard Newhaven’s all-weather Seven Class lifeboats ‘RNLB David and Elizabeth Acland and were given a demonstration of the Search & Rescue capabilities in the foggy conditions.

They also watched the Seaford Lifeguards go in for the New Year Dip, while the lifeboat stood by.

Cllr Nicholson said: “It was inspirational to be able to watch as training was being carried out and to see the skills necessary to run the lifeboat on which life can so often depend.

“It was a privilege for Angela and me to be present and to be made so welcome.

“The RNLI deserves our support in the work that it carries out and the fact that it is to a large extent carried out by volunteers must never be forgotten.

“My visit on Sunday brought home to me the debt we owe them.”

Pictured are Tony Nicholson, right, Mike Tubb, Newhaven Lifeboat Honorary Secretary, centre, and Tony’s wife Angela.