Spectacular show from Sister Act

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Sister Act, Congress Theatre, Eastbourne.

EASTBOURNE has put on some spectacular shows over the years but Sister Act is certainly the best show I have seen for many years.

It was good to see the Congress Theatre so full on the first night and the cheers that resounded throughout the show said it all. The casting is superb, Klara Zieglerova’s amazing set and Antony Van Laast’s choreography has given Eastbourne a West End show that will be remembered for many years to come.

Cynthia Erivo gives an outstanding performance as Deloris Van Cartier, the singer turned murder witness who is placed in a convent for her own protection and Denise Black is a perfect foil as the strict Mother Superior. Whoever would have guessed Coronation Street’s Denise Osbourne had such a good singing voice.

Following his success in Hairspray Michael Starke returns to the Congress to give an equally good performance as the Monsignor at the convent.

Cavin Cornwall is great casting as the evil Curtis Jackson, not only does he sing well he looks like someone you wouldn’t want to meet on a dark night.Edward Baruwa is also well cast as the timid policeman who eventually gains courage.

I haven’t seen so many nuns since The Sound of Music and it would be wrong to single any of them out as they all performed and sang beautifully. This is such a feelgood show, funny, emotional and exciting. You have until 4th February to catch so beg, borrow or steal a ticket if you can but see it you must.

Amanda Wilkins