Spending by visitors in the Wealden area up by 3.5%


The amount spent by tourists visiting Wealden last year rose by 3.5% to £242.3 million compared to 2012.

“These latest figures underline the important role tourism plays in increasing the prosperity of Wealden,” said Councillor Roy Galley. “It is not just those businesses involved in tourism who benefit. There is a knock-on effect due to tourism businesses and their employees purchasing goods and services which creates a further £51.9 million for other local businesses.

This means the total benefit from tourism to the District’s economy is £294.2 million.

This is an increase of 3.3% compared to 2012, despite the additional visitor interest that year from the London Olympics.

“We have seen the number of overseas visitors staying overnight in the District rise by 13% which means they are making a significant contribution to the local economy. Day visitors are now spending more than they did in 2012.”

Figures from The Economic Impact of Tourism in Wealden 2013 report produced by Tourism South East show that tourist spending helped increase the number of jobs in the District.

The total number of tourism supported jobs rose in 2013 by 3% from 6,702 to 6,904, with many of the new jobs either part-time or seasonal work. Tourism South East points out these jobs are spread across a wide range of service sectors from catering and retail to public services.