Splashpoint project ‘unprecedented’

THE new Splashpoint complex has been a major part of Cliff Harrison’s life for the past few months.

Cliff Harrison, Adur and Worthing councils executive head of technical services
Cliff Harrison, Adur and Worthing councils executive head of technical services

As Adur and Worthing councils’ executive head of technical services, he has been responsible for all council property and construction works since 2008.

Splashpoint has been a major part of his workload over the past months. He talks to us about the build and highlights some of Splashpoint’s environmental features.

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When asked how the project compared to others he had worked on in the Worthing area, Mr Harrison said there was “no comparison”.

“Large projects like this do not come along very often and they become a matter of both personal and professional pride to see through to a successful completion,” he added.

“While we have built several sports pavilions and community centres, extensively extended and refurbished the crematorium and carried out large-scale refurbishments to plenty of properties, none of those projects can compare to Splashpoint in terms of size, impact, complexity and community use.”

The Splashpoint building features a number of eco-friendly features.

Mr Harrison said the centre will achieve a BREEAM “very good” environmental performance rating, because of many factors in its design and specification, including:

• Ground source heat pumps: interconnected boreholes under the adjacent Beach House grounds provide a free natural energy source to provide base level heating in winter and cooling in summer.

• Movable floors: overnight, the movable floors are brought to the surface and double up as pool covers, reducing water heat loss and evaporation.

• Combined heat and power: these state-of-the-art gas boilers also generate on-site electricity, reducing call on the National Grid and cutting energy costs.

• Regenerative media filters: this different type of pool water filter substantially reduces the amount of waste water that traditionally filtered pools generate; using less water is more sustainable and cheaper to purchase, treat and heat.

• Greywater: what waste water there is from the pools is stored on site and re-used for flushing toilets within the complex.

Mr Harrison added: “Splashpoint’s doors are well and truly open and memberships are at an all time high.

“If you haven’t had a chance yet, make sure you make time to come and visit the new complex and check out some of its features for yourself.”